Ad Hoc Query Plugin

Simple, Dynamic SQL Builder Web Application Plugin that Empowers Users and Saves Developer Time



Quick and easy data access in your enterprise. The Viewager web application plugin empowers your users to create, save, and execute custom data queries. Save, execute, and share the data queries. Create charts with the query results. Export results to PDF, Excel, or large CSV data dumps.

Plugs in to your existing web applications. Connects to your enterprise databases.

Query Builder

Build complex queries using using a straightforward, graphical query builder. Group, sort, and perform aggregate functions on the results.

Query Results

Export large data sets to CSV. Query output to PDF, Excel, Web, and Charts.

Order, sort, group, and filter results in real-time using the Query Results grid.

Share and Reuse

Users can save, share, and re-run queries at will. Queries can be copied from other users. Query history is retained.


Manage tables and views that can be used in queries. Set up maximum result list sizes. Configure data column source select lists.

Export and Query History

Query and export history is automatically saved. Users can view, run, or export prior queries quickly.

Database Support

Supports Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases.

Provides query access to the views and tables in your enterprise database. Configuration options to utilize only the views and tables that you decide.

Java Backend

Viewager is compatible with Java Web applications. Quickly plugs in to Spring applications and Java application servers like Tomcat.

Security Controls

User privileges are controlled using a Viewager Authentication Handler. Leverage your existing user access controls.

jQuery Plugin

Viewager UI is deployed as a jQuery plugin. It utilizes a rich, responsive Web UI that works on desktop and mobile browsers.


We're offering free trial plans to select businesses and agencies. Please Contact Us for more information.

Viewager pricing is per application. Cost saving options are available for smaller agencies or enterprises with numerous applications. Contact Us to discuss pricing options for your organization.



  • jQuery and Java Plugin
  • Sample Web App
  • Documentation
  • Source Code
  • Installation Support
  • 1 Year Hands-on Support
  • 1 Year Free Updates
  • Bulk Pricing Available


  • jQuery and Java Plugin
  • Sample Web App
  • Documentation
  • Source Code
  • Product Integration
  • Unlimited Installations
  • Installation Support
  • SCM Access
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Bulk Pricing Available

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to show you how Viewager can work for you. Contact us for a live demo.

Or, try the demo app.

The Standard license offers on-line support via e-mail at

Enterprise and OEM licenses provide on-line support via e-mail at, access to the SCM (by request), or access to the Viewager ticket center.

Enterprise and OEM licenses also offer initial installation support.

There are 2 components to the Viewager plugin: the jQuery UI based web plugin and the backend Java plugin. Each bundled in separate Java JAR libraries.

The jQuery UI based web plugin requires that your application uses JavaScript. Aside from that, adding the Viewager plugin to your site is as simple as this HTML snippet:

	<div class="cucreekViewager"
	     data-viewagerusername="{logged on user name}"

	<script src="/assets/viewager/js/require.js"


  • {logged on user name} is the currently logged on user.
  • assets/viewager is the relative path to the Viewager JavaScript library.

The backend Java plugin component can be deployed as a Spring bean:

   <bean class="co.cucreek.viewager.ViewagerDatabaseFactory">
      <constructor-arg name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>
      <constructor-arg name="schema" value="MYSCHEMA"/>
   <bean class="" id="viewagerAuthenticationHandler"/>
   <bean class="">
      <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource"/>
      <property name="authenticationHandler" ref="viewagerAuthenticationHandler"/>
      <property name="schema" value="MYSCHEMA"/>


  • dataSource is a JDBC Data Source.
  • schema is the DB Schema name.
  • authenticationHandler is a Java class adhering to the co.cucreek.viewager.AuthenticationHandler interface. This class is built by you and determines which Views, Tables, and administration settings the logged on user has.

Both the Viewager jQuery UI Plugin and Java backend components are available using Maven. For example, only the viewager artifact is required in your pom.xml file:


Viewager uses RequireJS to load its dependencies. Your web application does not require jQuery.

The Maven dependency will work with other Java-based dependency management systems like Gradle or Ivy. Projects that aren't using any dependency management system can download the JAR directly from the repository. However, you will be responsible for ensuring the required dependencies are met.

Projects that don't utilize Spring can instantiate the Viewager Java classes directly like:

	/* Bootstrap the Viewager backend */
	new ViewagerDatabaseFactory(jdbcDataSource, "MYSCHEMA");

The Viewager REST services will need to be wrapped in a Spring Servlet or container framework that your project uses. Refer to the Viewager Web sample application.

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